Paint Protection Film

For us at ONEPRO, it is better to prevent than to cure. If you are concerned about stone chips or other similar damages; then this is for you. Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra is an invisible protective film placed on the front end of your vehicle to protect the paint from the daily wear and tear of driving. Our PPF were designed to maintain the brilliance of automotive paints while remaining completely clear. Moreover, it comes with a hydrophobic properties which makes cleaning effortless, and eliminate water spots. With our 200 microns, self-healing PPF; your car will be free from swirl marks, stone chips, and major scratches.

Glass Protection Film

KACA Series Glass Protection Film is applied to glass, giving it an added layer of protection from outdoor hazards. Typically, this film is applied to the front windshield to help prevent from chipping and cracking when objects comes in contact with your windshield. This is something to consider if the windshleld of your vehicle is expensive to replace and may not be fully covered by your auto insurance. We have develop the right solution to the problem and introduce you to our GPF that has high scratch resistance, no delamination and longest lasting.

KACA Series is an anti-graffiti film which provides invisible protection against scratches and also made vandalism easier to remove. From the moment it is applied until the day you decide to take if off, our KACA Series will provide crystal-clear vision to give no other distractions while you are on the road with the added bonus of security and delamination a thing of the past.

Vehicle Wrap

Want to feel like you’re behind the wheel of a brand new car, but without the debt that comes with such a purchase? Perhaps you’d like to promote your business on the side of your vehicle, but don’t want to go through a costly repaint each and every time? Whatever the reason, vehicle wraps offer an alternative to spray-painting your vehicle or buying a new one outright. Find your perfect style with ONEPRO.

Smoked Lights

Unprotected headlight can be easily broken by even the smallest pebble. To protect against such case, a protective film has been developed; the impact force, of course, it will not reduce, but it will dissipate over the protected area. The flexible high-durability membrane, due to its composition, simply absorbs force, distributing it over the entire surface, greatly reducing the risk of breakage. Whether you’re looking for a black headlight tint or something more unique that complements your vehicle perfectly, you can count on ONEPRO to deliver the solution you need.

Window Tinting

We install top notch Window Film which is capable of rejecting up to 63% of the sun’s total solar energy and blocking 99% of damaging and harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is one of the biggest causes of fading and premature aging of your car’s interior. In addition, it is highly resistant to glare, colour fading and is shatter-proof. These films function just like a 280+ SPF sunscreen; shielding you and your car from the sun’s damaging effects.