XONIX series

extremely deep colour, hydrophobic, and self healing PPF

XONIX™ Series

ONEPRO XONIX™ Series Paint Protection Film is a coloured PPF with a special coating that provides a hydrophobic properties and unparalleled deep-glossy look, along with it's special clear coat resulting the film being highly resistant to contaminants. The film protects the vehicle from stone chips, bug splatters, minor abrasions and other similar impacts. Available in limited colourways.



Performance Level: High-End+

Size: 1.52x15 Meter

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Color: Available In Limited Colours 

Film Thickness: 200 Micron, 8 Mil

Adhesive Thickness: 30μm

Adhesive Content: Polyacrylate

Durability: 10 Years Outdoor

Application temperature: Minimum 8°C

Usage: Car Paint Protection 

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Period:

5 Years from the date of purchase.

Warranty Coverage:

Staining, unusual yellowing, cracking, blistering and delaminating. 

Warranty Does Not Include:

Normal wear and tears, road debris impact, accidents, collisions or intentional damages of any kind.