How to prevent Chipped or Cracked Windshield?

KACA Series Glass Protection Film, offers a resistance to impact that is clearly superior to any other conventional security polyester film. The perfectly colorless protection film forms a membrane that holds the glass in one piece, preventing from breaking into pieces in case of explosion or vandalism.

The KACA Series is particularly suitable for securing your windshield, definitely the ONE you are looking for.

What is ONEPRO Glass Protection Film?

Broken or damaged glass can be a costly and disruptive problem. Protecting your glass with ONEPRO Glass Protection Film is a cost-effective way to provide peace of mind and a high-performance layer of protection against accidental or malicious damage, from broken glass shards or flying glass.

Our KACA Series GPF is an incredibly tough and super-strong polyester based laminate that is professionally bonded to the inside of the side windows of your car. It is optically clear, colourless and invisible from both inside and the outside of your car, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean.